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SMG Spring Tour

What up world! So, last week and weekend was a blast. Had a great pleasure of traveling with the homies T – Zank and A.M.F.J. of SMG alongside artists 2 Turnt Tone, Bufkin, Feral Escobar, and Sheol Dynasty, for the start of their spring tour, and must I say it was a experience. I joined them for Angola, Fort Wayne, and Indianapolis shows, all located in the state of Indiana. The fans, the love, and the vibes.. all real. If I don’t know what I had in music before, this weekend showed me. And thats peace, a place to speak, and people wanting to hear my message, whether its speaking of a bad period in your life or raging to a bottle of whisky lol. I have bliss in music. Salute to everyone rooting for me and my homies movements.

Also, huge shout to the photographer, my homie Kalyn Kintz of Newen Photography. She took this flick. Y’all definitely need to follow her and add to your directory for your photo needs. Concerts, weddings, senior photos, etc. A+ Quality, and good peoples. Check her out on Facebook here!

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